Back to the office - seeking new solutions

November 17, 2023

By Nicolai Baumberger and Simon Redgate

As staff around the world return to offices, there is increased awareness about the relationship between the performance of a building and retention of staff. New technologies and IoT solutions can help to address many of the challenges – explain Simon Redgate of and Nicolai Baumberger at Soobr.

WELCOMING STAFF BACK to the office will require a new appreciation for wellness and data-driven responsiveness. Done correctly, this should see operational costs fall. Those who own, operate or lease office space have just been treated to a two-year tutorial on the fragility of conventional wisdom. Now, the changes wrought by Covid-19 are upon us.

• Corporate cultures once averse to remote or hybrid work have had to rethink their opposition
• Carefully developed strategies to hold long-term leases on central city property are being revisited
• Workplaces must adjust to the differing concerns and tastes between colleagues who came of age during the 20th century and a younger, more activist 21st century workforce.

From the ceo to the head of HR to chief sustainability officers, the pandemic has created a new awareness in the C-Suite about the relationship between the performance of a building, the wellness and productivity of its occupants, and the ability of the company to attract and retain key staff.

All of this will cost money at precisely the moment when many companies are reeling from a loss of revenue due to Covid-19.